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We will support you in your toughest negotiation by focusing on best-in class preparation & execution to maximize the outcome & profitability of your deals.

Commercial negotiations

We will provide dedicated deal support and expertise to help you be successful and achieve your objectives in specific negotiations with a single counter-party. This applies both to your internal negotiations and externally with customers, suppliers, trade unions, and governmental bodies etc.

Commercial initiatives

We characterize commercial initiatives as endeavors that require the commercial teams to execute negotiations with multiple customers, clients, or suppliers to achieve a change across a number of relationships. Examples of such initiatives include implementing price increases, addressing recurring buyer requests, or streamlining commercial terms. Successfully undertaking these initiatives demands meticulous project management, internal coordination, and a segmented strategy approach. Our consultants will work with your teams in the preparation and execution of these commercial initiatives.

Deal review

Receive an external benchmark and tailored improvement insights on the planning and preparation you have already conducted for a negotiation about to kick off or review a negotiation that you have just recently closed.

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