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We are Impact Negotiation Group. A team of commercial professionals whose made their negotiation passion into their core business. We are niche consultancy founded in 2022 focusing solely on negotiations. Helping our clients improve negotiations results through negotiation advice, negotiation training, and negotiation process integration. 

Why work with us?

At Impact Negotiation Group, we're not just consultants or trainers — we're negotiators first. Our unique edge? We've walked in your shoes. Understanding negotiation isn't just a part of our job; it's the essence of who we are.

Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who have firsthand experience in high-pressure negotiation environments. We know the stress, the complexity, and the discomfort that comes with crucial negotiations. This empathy forms the backbone of our approach.

Every consultant in our group has practical experience in various commercial roles, spanning sales to procurement. This diverse background equips us with a deep understanding of the dynamics at play on both sides of the negotiation table.

What truly sets us apart is our passion. We're not just your consultants; we're your partners in negotiation. We believe in being straightforward and transparent. With Impact Negotiation Group, you're not just getting advice; you're gaining a trusted partner who will guide you through your negotiation journey with honesty and expertise.

Partner with us and experience the difference of working with a team that truly understands the art and science of negotiation.

Our Team

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