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Maximizing Value Together

Looking for ways to maximize the result of your next deal?

Are your teams equipped to negotiate effectively in a highly dynamic and volatile commercial environment?

Looking for ways to maximize the result of your next deal?

We are Impact Negotiation Group

A Negotiation advisory solely focused on supporting clients with their commercial challenges.


We advise and assist you with your negotiations and develop your organization’s negotiation capability. 


Improving your Profitability…. that is our mission!

We offer you our services

Enabling companies to unlock their full value potential.

Impact Negotiation Group Integration


Making significant impact on organizations profitability, means integrating best practices, processes, commercial mindset and negotiation fundamentals inside your organization. At Impact Negotiation Group our consultants have the experience to integrate negotiation processes with existing sales and procurement processes.

Impact Negotiation Group Consulting


We will support you in your toughest negotiation by focusing on best-in class preparation & execution to maximize the outcome & profitability of your deals.

Impact Negotiation Group Training


At Impact Negotiation Group, we understand that to optimize your deal outcomes, you must become a proficient negotiator capable of recognizing various negotiation scenarios and effectively seizing opportunities. For you to handle any negotiation with confidence, we offer immersive workshops conducted in multiple languages to cater to your specific needs.

"Intense & worth it."- Koen Peppelman

Meet our team
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