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Making significant impact on an organization's profitability, means integrating best practices, processes, commercial mindset and negotiation fundamentals inside your organization. At Impact Negotiation Group our consultants have the experience to integrate negotiation processes with existing sales and procurement processes.

Commercial assessment

Each organization's experience level varies, so we tailor improvements to your team's needs. Our negotiation experts assess your team through interviews, reviews, and process analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses. This data guides immediate and long-term enhancements. We aim to build a high-performing commercial team. Our consultants have deep expertise in both sales and procurement.

Negotiation board

Organizations are increasingly emphasizing prepared and aligned negotiations. A proven approach is implementing a negotiation board, pioneered by Impact Negotiation Group and widely adopted. This board serves as a hub for brainstorming, process guidance, decision validation, and approvals. It fosters a multi-perspective view, encouraging early preparation. Our expertise can help you implement a tailored negotiation board that fits your unique requirements.

Playbook development

Many negotiation tools and approaches often remain unused due to their generic nature. The key to their effectiveness is adapting them to the unique needs of each team, which can be challenging. We specialize in tailoring these tools, addressing specific challenges, industry-specific power assessments, and seamless integration. Our consultants work closely with your teams to create customized tools, greatly enhancing their utilization and ultimately the negotiation outcomes.

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