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Negotiation Support

We'll closely guide your teams in systematically planning and preparing for negotiations, utilizing our best practices. Our approach ensures internal alignment on objectives, effective use of negotiation power, and the creation of proactive tactical plans. We'll support you throughout the negotiation process until an agreement is reached. With our support we will ensure that negotiation outcomes are maximized, with a ROI of 17.3x on our project we have proven our worth!


Commercial Initiatives

We will develop segmented negotiation strategies and implement them across the organization. Drawing from our broad experience in supporting similar initiatives across various sectors, you can leverage our extensive expertise, robust approach, and best practices. This guarantees the success of your initiatives and the achievement of your envisioned results.


RFP / Tender Support

When invited to join an RFP/Tender, for new or existing business, we'll support your preparation and guide you through subsequent interactions with the other party. It's important to note that the earlier you identify an upcoming tender, the more we can collaborate to influence the scope, dynamics, evaluation, and award criteria in your favor.

Deal Review

Together with key stakeholders in the negotiation, conducting a comprehensive review of your planning and assessing outcomes in alignment with your objectives. This process offers an external perspective, pinpointing both areas of success and areas needing improvement.

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