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Negotiation is both an art and a science. Companies that have set up systematic Negotiation Processes do better than their rivals. Our consultants will work with you to integrate the best ways of negotiating, design negotiation processes, and bring a commercial mindset into your organizations.

Tools and Process Integration

When there's no set way to get ready for a negotiation, how well it goes depends a lot on the people involved. Some people like to just go with the flow “winging it”, while others spend a lot of time gathering information. This can lead to not-so-great and uneven preparation. Our team will help your company create develop a negotiation process & tools that fit your companies situation. This will help your company get to prepare in a detailed and consistent way, drastically improving your negotiation results.

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Playbook Development

A negotiation playbook is a detailed guide to help better prepare negotiations. It helps with usual problems like determining the balance of power, strategy, risks, communication tactics, and proposals. Playbooks give a step-by-step method for preparing negotiating given a certain situation. 

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Negotiation Review

To succeed in negotiations, it's key for a company to understand its strengths and weaknesses in their negotiations. We look into this by talking to key people, conducting surveys, and reviewing how the company approaches their negotiations. This helps identify what works well and what needs to be improvement. With this information, the company can identify what needs to be improved. 

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Negotiation Board

A company sets up a Negotiation Board to make sure their commercial teams prepare for negotiations. The board reviews, supports and approves every part of the negotiation process from the preparation to the execution. By making the way commercial teams prepare for negotiations consistent, it will result in better prepared negotiators resulting in improved deals. We'll work with your company to establish a Negotiation Board within your organization.

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